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Areas of Practice


Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is likely to be one of the largest financial transactions you will be involved with in your life.  From reviewing the buy-sell agreement, negotiating any changes to the agreement, reviewing the home inspection report, reviewing the title report, negotiating fixes to issues in the property, and representing you at closing our attorney will make sure that your transaction goes smoothly.  We will advise you of any legal issues that pop up during the transaction and advise your next steps.  Most importantly, we will help ensure that when the deal gets to closing it will be the deal you wanted.

We work closely with your realtor and the other parties attorney/realtor to get the deal closed.  Our office welcomes referrals from real estate brokers, agents, and attorneys to help protect your clients.

business formation

Starting a business is a huge decision.  It means freedom to be your own boss but also makes your income the direct result of your success.  At the Herron Law Firm we understand this as we started our own business in 2017.  Aside from the act of running your business there are issues involved in entity creation, registering with the State, protecting personal assets from business debts, creating contracts, and more.  We help new business owners get their business off on the right legal footing so that you can focus on what you do best: running your business.


Being the executor or administrator of an estate places a legal duty on you to make sure that the estate is properly distributed, tax returns are properly filed, debts properly paid, and the final report properly filed with the county surrogate.  This can be a confusing and time consuming task to anyone.  The Herron Law Firm helps make this a less confusing process by representing the estate's administrator and making sure all tasks are properly completed.  We provide advice, timelines, and assitance at each step in the probate process throughout New Jersey.

real estate investors

Wholesaling. Buy and Hold. Flip.  All terms commonly used to describe strategies that real estate investors use.  As with all real estate transactions their are numerous legal issues which can come up during a transaction.  On top of that as an investor their are certain business legal needs which are part of being a business owner.  At the Herron Law Firm we assist clients with both real estate transactions and business ownership needs.  For investors we provide a single resource to cover your legal needs at any stage of your business.  

business strategy

After your business has been formed their is still a need for legal assistance.  We offer business owners the services of an in-house counsel without the added overhead.  From reviewing contracts, planning for business succession, resolving disputes among owners or with customers, and advising strategies to limit legal risk we help keep your business running as part of your team.  

municipal court

The most likely interaction with the Court System for any New Jersey resident is the local municipal court.  These courts hear traffic ticket cases, dui/dwi cases, violations of municipal ordinances, and minor criminal matters (disorderly persons offenses).  In all cases the State is represented by a Prosecutor.  It is important that you have an attorney on your side to evaluate the State's case, acquire all discovery, advise you of your options, and work to get you the best result possible.  

The charges in Municipal Court can carry fines, license suspension, criminal records, and jail.  Get a free consultation today to get to work on your defense.


Being a landlord places legal duties on you towards your tenants.  At the same time you have the risk of tenants not honoring the lease agreement.  Whether they stop paying rent or otherwise breach the lease the process of removing that tenant from your property can seem complicated.  Not properly evicting a tenant can open you up to legal liability.  We assist clients in creating a lease for their tenants, making sure any renewals or changes are properly documented, make sure that you are following the most current laws regarding being a landlord, and if necessary that an eviction is properly done.  

estate planning

Don't leave your loved ones to fight over your assets when you are gone.  Estate planning allows you to direct where your assets go after your death, and to make a plan for the guardianship of any minor children.  Without a plan in place the laws of New Jersey decide where your property goes.  Our affordable plans make sure you have a firm understanding of the estate planning process, and the right documents in place to make that plan come true.  


Any time you are arrested, charged with a criminal act, and/or convicted in New Jersey a record is created in State databases.  If your case was dismissed or downgraded the record can still exist.  For many people an expungement can have a positive effect on their ability to find employment, housing, government benefits and more.  An expungement makes these records no longer appear in a background check.  We offer free consultations, flat fees, and assistance from filing the petition through final order for expungement.