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DUI Defense Lawyer in Marlton, NJ

The Charge

The state of New Jersey takes DUIs and DWIs very seriously. If you want to increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome for your case, you need a reputable DWI
and DUI attorney by your side. Herron Law Firm, LLC has helped countless clients in Marlton, NJ and throughout South Jersey handle their DUI and DWI charges, and we
can help you, too.

The Issues

The State must prove the elements of a DUI beyond a reasonable doubt in every case.  These include that you were operating the vehicle, that you were impaired by drugs and/or alcohol, and that the reason for their stopping your vehicle were valid.  Penalties for a DUI are harsh.  A first time offender receives license suspension, fines, surcharges, points on their license, requirements to complete treatment at the IDRC, possible jail time, and an ignition interlock device.  The penalties only go up for subsequent DUIs.  

Refusing a breathalyzer or receiving a DUI in a school zone and/or safe corridor can lead to higher charges.  For any case this serious it is important to have an advocate on your side.

Why an Attorney

An attorney will review the charges against you, acquire discovery from the State, analyze the discovery and note any legal issues in your favor.  Having an attorney means that at Court there is at least one person you know is on your side and protecting your interests.  Contact us today for a FREE consultation.