Herron Law Firm, LLC

Small Business Representation

Protecting New Jersey Business Owners

Choice of Entity

We help you identify the right choice of entity, LLC, Corporation, Partnership, to make sure your business has the legal groundwork for success. We work with you to identify your business goals, funding strategies, and ownership structure. From this discussion we provide advice on the proper entity to best make these visions possible and draft all necessary formation documents.

Choosing the right entity is essential to having the legal foundation for business success. Having the right entity protects your personal assets from financial liabilities of the business. It also helps identify exit strategies which can be important in the event you choose to sell, pass on to your children, or dissolve the business in the future. We love working with founders from the beginning of their business throughout the business’s life cycle.

Contract Drafting and Review

Contracts are the backbone of a successful business. Whether used with your customers to define the work you will do for them or from your vendors to define the services you are paying for it is important to make sure that the documents are properly drafted and contain terms for the entire agreement. Having an attorney draft/review these documents ensures that they are properly prepared.

We also can advise you on your legal obligations under contracts you have previously signed. This ensures you are compliant with your contracts and can help prevent lawsuits against your business.

Outside General Counsel

Fortune 500 companies have large internal legal departments to provide advice and counsel to the executives of their companies. Many small businesses do not have this resource on their staff. Our firm provides this service to your business based on your needs. We design a representation to cover your legal needs on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis in an affordable manner for your business.

Having the ability to call your lawyer when you have questions can help save your business money in the long run. Litigation and government fines can have high financial and publicity costs for your business. Our outside general counsel services help keep both of these costs down by preventing problems before they occur.