Jonathan Herron Attended New Jersey Bar Association Annual Meeting

Jonathan Herron attended the New Jersey State Bar Association Annual Meeting on May 16-18, 2018.  This annual event features numerous seminars to help attorneys improve their knowledge of key areas of the law.  Jonathan feels that it is important for attorneys to continue learning more techniques, skills, and general information about the areas he represents clients so that he can get them the best results.  For this reason he regularly acquires more CLE (continuing legal education) credits than is mandated by the New Jersey Supreme Court.

While at the convention Jonathan took courses in:

  • An update of DUI/DWI case law and its effect on DUI/DWI Defense.  This seminar was led by defense attorneys, a prosecutor, and a municipal court judge and provided great insight on how recent court decisions in DUI/DWI cases are impacting current cases being handled in Municipal Courts across the State.
  • Pretrial Criminal Motions.  This seminar led by attorneys and judges gave tips to improve pretrial criminal motions.  These important motions can limit the evidence the State can present at trial and help lead to a better outcome for my clients charged with indictable crimes. (Felonies)
  • A Municipal Court Bench Bar Conference.  This session provided great information on the current status of the Municipal Courts and involved attorneys and judges discussing ways to improve the municipal courts.  It also involved an update on recent court decisions impacting cases in municipal court.
  • Criminal Law Bench Bar Conference. Like the session listed above but focusing on cases being heard in the County Superior Court.  This session provided some great insight on how recent changes in Criminal Procedure statewide are being implemented.

Jonathan Herron shares these announcements of CLE attended so that clients and prospective clients know about the training he completes to be the best advocate for their defense.  He believes that it is important to seek ways to improve every single day.